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Lee Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Moose Auyer

Manufacturing Technology Officer

Lindsey Johnson

Director Strategic Relations

Donald R. Dugan Jr.

Principal, Boylan Crest Advisors LLC, Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long has Home Grown Fuels been in business?
Our team has been committed to bringing renewable fuels and graphene to the marketplace for 9 years. We carefully reviewed different technologies before selecting Proton Power as our fuel technology and Nova Graphene as our partner in the production of Graphene.
When will the products be available?
We have graphene available today. Wood vinegar, biochar, and renewable diesel will be available in 24 months. Should your interest be in jet fuel, we will contract with you to deliver it within 36 months.
What tax incentives are available to investors?
Our Maine facility is in an Opportunity Zone, and we have an Ozone partner already on board, CapZone Impact Investments.
In what state is HGF incorporated?
How do you price your fuel?
Fuel prices are negotiated with the customer.
Do you sell fuel on the spot market?
No. Our financing requires us to enter into binding off-take agreements.
What are the varieties graphene we have?
Graphene can be suited for a wide range of products. While we are currently focused on concrete and cement, graphene is an expanding product and we plan to branch out into new possibilities.
What are the shipping options for fuel and graphene?
We have rail on-site and rail to ports both in the US and Canada, as well as trucking across the United States.